Visitor Program

We love having visitors here at Oran Mor! We accept visitors anywhere from a few days to several months. If you love OM and want to stay, you will need to apply for Membership. When you visit OM, you are expected to take part in our community meetings, daily work and chores, and participate in daily life. We will give you a tour of our community when you arrive and help you find places and things that you are interested in working on. Our indoor spaces fill up during some parts of the year, but during the warmer months (March through October generally), we have lots of camping space. Visitors have equal share of all communal spaces, showers, laundry, food, etc. We are flexible about scheduling visitors, but we like to have a week notice before you plan to arrive. If you are interested in coming for a visit, please fill out our Visitor Questionnaire

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Visiting Oran Mór for Membership

Interested members are asked to first stay with us for a visitor period of one Moon Cycle (28 days) so we can get to know eachother. This gives you time to evaluate if you really want to live with us, and we have time to evaluate if we want to live with you. When you arrive, we will give you a tour and orientation on the many aspects of living here, where things are at, what projects we are working on, and we can begin to learn where you want to help out. Visitors are expected to attend community meetings, help out with chores and group work projects, contribute your fair share to the best of your ability, and participate in our daily life. We don't keep track of hours, but we all work hard doing things we love and some things that must be done. We encourage you to think seriously about your decision to apply for membership here. Applying for membership is a huge commitment! During your 28 day visitor period, we will conduct an interview to get to know you better and each member will have a casual one-on-one "clearness" with you to confront anything we liked, disliked, concerns, and that sort of thing. If you decide to apply for membership at the end of your visitor period, there will be a meeting with all current members to decide if we are a good fit. If you would like more than three weeks to decide if this is the place for you, that's perfectly fine too! During the warmer months of the year, March through October generally, we have ample space for visitors to camp. In the darker months of late Fall and Winter, we have a limited amount of space indoors. If you are interested in visiting for membership, please fill out our Membership Questionnaire.