Life at Oran Mór is unique in many respects.

All work and no play makes for unhealthy Oran Mórons, so we try to balance our toil with fun activities. Our social norms are not for everyone, though, so be sure to read the following if you plan to visit or you may be shocked by what you find!


OM celebrates eight major holidays, or Great Days each year. On these days, and sometimes even the day before and the day after, we take time off from our projects and only do the essential daily chores. We may also take such a holiday for members' birthdays (at member's discretion). The eight holidays are:

  • Yule (Southern Solstice)
  • Imbolc (February 2nd i.e. Groundhog's Day)
  • Ostara (Vernal Equinox)
  • Beltane (May Day)
  • Midsummer (Northern Solstice)
  • Lughnassad (or Lammas, August 1st)
  • Mabon (Autumnal Equinox)
  • Samhain (Halloween)

This is the Wheel of the Year from neo-Celtic tradition. Although OM is not a sectarian community, and we welcome people of all traditions and creeds, we like to use these celebrations to express and honor our bond with the cycles of the seasons of our Mother Earth. We generally prepare a feast of our home-grown food, play music and games, dance, sing, or even build a bonfire.


We celebrate the Full Moon and the New Moon and many of us take the day off to do or not do whatever we please. We still have chores responsibilities, but besides that there are no expectations. Rather than construct our work schedule on the artificial rhythm of the seven-day week, we have opted to take our days of rest in sync with the lunar cycle. We understand that some belief systems require the devotee to rest on Saturday or Sunday, and so we are certainly open to accommodating such beliefs.


We are a tight knit tribe living together in close proximity and we greatly value our interpersonal relationships.Transparency, respect, and trust are key the key to healthy relationships. Sometimes emotions get high or low so we take the time needed to work things out. Some activities we enjoy together are cuddle puddles, sleeping under the moon and stars, playing music, and creek dips in our swimming hole.


The food and beverages we consume are a sacrament to many of the values that we hold in common here. We enjoy eating at least two communal meals together every day, sometimes three. We truly enjoy the familial act of all sitting around a table enjoying the food and company. It is very important for us to know where our food comes from so we enjoy plentiful abundance from our gardens and from the farms and gardens of people we know. We only consume meat that was raised on our farm or animals that we meet on friend's farms. Food makes us who we are so we regard it with much reverence.


There is music all around us and we enjoy listening to the sounds of nature daily. You may hear singing voices flowing through the valley at any time. We have many instruments here to jam on including banjo, guitar, ukelele, mandolin, drums, udu, banjolele, accordion, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, sticks and stones, spoons, and more... We like to jam, sing, dance, and play whenever the mood strikes us.


Oran Mórons generally dress comfortably, in clothes we're not afraid to get dirty. Individuals mostly own their clothing at this point, but we also have “commie clothes” that the entire community can share or take clothing from. We respect the right of every individual to wear as much or as little as makes co comfortable, including nothing at all. We understand that social nudity is not for everyone, but it is quite common here, especially in the summer when we're working hard and sweating a lot! Naked gardening sure saves a lot of laundry time.

If you are new to social nudity, please understand that it is not an invitation to overt sexuality, and try to treat nude people with the same respect and dignity you would if they were clothed.


We recognize the damage on people and land that tobacco companies perpetuate and that it is an addiction to the imperial system.We have a designated smoke-free campus where there is no tobacco use. We also ask that folks keep their tobacco smoke out of any gardens. Any smokers that wish to visit must smoke in the designated smoking area (water shed).


We prefer not to have firearms of any kind on our property. We do allow hunting, but you'll have to use a bow or an atlatl or something else that doesn't go “BOOM!"


We recognize that all people have certain skills and talents to contribute and the members here are more than happy to provide direction in certain areas. Labor is a manifestation of physical contribution that can feel rewarding and joyful. Because of our commitment to a simple lifestyle without many conveniences, general household tasks can take time and effort. We ask that all members and guests try to do their fair share, as determined by consensus and their own consciences. It is much more important to us that work be done joyfully and patiently than on time and to specifications.

Air Conditioning

We consider it an extravagance, a waste of natural resources, and a maladaptive strategy. There are no air-conditioned spaces at OM. It does get hot here in the summer. We prefer to pace ourselves and drink lots of water.


Farm life is not for everyone. Taking care of livestock requires some serious commitment. Our goats and birds need to be fed, sheltered, and provided water every day. Sometimes this means that we can't travel when we'd like to, or that we have to get up early in the morning, or go out in the cold and rain. A fondness for goats is not absolutely essential to living here, but it helps. We spend a lot of time walking them and sharing our lives together. If you find dealing with goats absolutely intolerable but otherwise have compelling reasons for wanting to join us, then maybe we can work something out, but don't count on it!

If Oran Mór still sounds like a place you'd enjoy, then come visit us and find out!

Stay Connected

Meetings and Decisions

We hold meetings regularly, almost on a daily basis. Sometimes they are short and sweet, twenty minutes or so, and other times they last an hour and a half. Everyone has an equal chance to speak what's on their mind. Visitors and members are expected to attend meetings unless they are away from the community for some reason. We are a consensus community, meaning all decisions that will effect the community must be communicated and agreed upon unanimously by the whole group.