Oran Mór is a small, rural, egalitarian community dedicated to living close to the land and creating a harmonious, loving, and sustainable human habitat.

We live and work on 113 mostly wooded acres in the Missouri Ozarks. Guided by the principles of Permaculture, we hold our land, labor, and other resources in common. We raise dairy goats, poultry, and vegetables with the ideal to one day produce most of the food we consume on this land. Every spring we plant hundreds of native trees and bushes.

Oran Mórons live simply and frugally, rejecting many modern conveniences in favor of simpler technologies. We consider deeply the energy resources we consume and the waste we produce, seeking a sustainable path to human and planetary health. This means we make a strong commitment to doing things in a more human powered and time consuming way that to us feels gratifying, humbling, and grounding. We are working towards a cooperative resilience to produce all the things we can here on the land with minimal inputs and energy slaves, and getting all the other things we need through barter and work trade within our extended community. Knowing our food, being emotionally and physically supportive to our tribe, living in harmony with our Mother Earth, celebrating each other and the Great Spirit, and treating all life with the love and respect they deserve are some of our core values which unite us.

OM welcomes visitors, and we are accepting new members. To come for a visit, contact us at oranmor@speedymail.org and fill out this visitor questionaire. If you are interested in membership, thoroughly check out this website and especially this page.

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